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Networking Security

Your company’s computer system keeps your business running properly.

However, hackers pose a persistent threat to your network security. Phishing and ransomware attacks can negatively impact small and mid-size companies. Hackers specifically target small businesses, assuming you won’t have comprehensive network protection.

DOYB Technical Solutions, Inc. offers a security system to protect small businesses in Atlanta, Macon, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, GA, and the surrounding areas. If you want to stay ahead of hackers who target businesses like yours, call our team at 678-369-2555.

The First Step Toward Network Security

Proper security measures begin with anticipating and monitoring any suspicious activity in your network. Our security systems catch this unwanted activity before hackers access your most sensitive information. Coupled with our initial Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA), we have insight into your business’s vulnerabilities to create your business’s unique plan and approach to proper network security.

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Computer Security

Small business computer networks face an increased risk of a security breach.

You may assume hackers want to target large corporations. However, phishing scams frequently target small businesses without comprehensive security in place.

Our networking security system offers a customized solution. A targeted approach means your computer system has special protection measures for your business. Thus, you’ll catch suspicious activity before a data breach occurs.

Network Security Assessment

Once you decide to protect your network, you’ll undergo a network security assessment, part of our Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA). This assessment identifies weak spots in your network and strengthens them before a hack occurs. However, you’ll want to perform these assessments more than once.

Technology constantly evolves, which means hackers are continuously looking for new vulnerabilities in your network. Our network security keeps up with these vulnerabilities through two types of ongoing network security assessments: a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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Types of Network Security

Network segmentation breaks your system down into its parts.

These parts represent the network locations where you may face a malware attack. You should consider cloud security, email security, and your wireless networks as some segments to protect. During your security assessment, part of our Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA), these segments undergo testing to identify vulnerabilities to help better protect your business.

Network Security

As hackers sophisticate their attacks on your network, you need a more sophisticated line of defense. DOYB Technical Solutions, Inc. provides small businesses in Atlanta, Macon, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, GA, and the surrounding areas with the necessary preventative networking security measures. Call our team at 678-369-2555 to begin protecting your network today.

Client Reviews

  • DOYB Technical has completely revamped our Technology and Security posture. My team’s productivity and Security awareness has increased significantly with the continuous coverage and support from DOYB Technical.

    - Jordan G.

  • We've been using the team at DOYB for close to a year now. They've taken a worn-out network system and completely revamped it to meet our growing needs both from a usage standpoint, and a security standpoint and they've been able to maintain the system remotely with zero involvement from ...

    - Tyler M.

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